Monday, June 18, 2007

The New Gorewagon

Nobody Flashes: Today, in accordance with the Al Gore's Global initiative to rid the earth of greenhouse melting of the ozone gases, GM and Ford Motor company have joined up with the bi-partizen Chinese military complex to begin making this progressive brand new, every movie star's just got to have, hybred cars called..

The Gorewagon.

The engineers at the Gore university of new technologies have been working on this brand new concept, which combines the best of the past with the best of the present.

Brad Pitt was seen driving a brand new red Gorewagon through the streets of New Orleans, and says it's one of the most ecomomical cars he's ever owned. In fact, Angelina has bought more than one. She has one in every African country that has orphans, so that she can get to the adoption agencies in style. She also has several in Asia. She loves them so much, she loads them in her private lear jet to take with her on her trips all over the globe.

Not only is this new mode of transportation going to save the planet, but millions of new jobs will be created for our new Mexican "citizens" who will get needed work cleaning the manure off the streets. The (street cleaner) unions are already being formed and happy about the dues to be collected. New Jersey is especially excited.

As an incentive, the major companies have decided to give out a years supply of free grass with every first time purchase.

The new 2008 model should be found at all local Ford dealers across the country, as soon as the bugs are worked out. They are already available in China, and sales are robust.

(Okay, so I made up the part about Brad Pitt.)

If interested...check your mental state for any clogs or abberrations.



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