Monday, June 18, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 46--There Are No Coincidences

Trent Lot made a very scary comment last week. He said, “Talk radio is running America. We need to deal with the problem.”

Now that would be a BIG loss.

I listen to a lot of radio. In fact, because most of America has to work, the only way most of us nobodies can keep up with current events IS the radio. Since you don’t have to watch it, and it’s free, you can listen to it while you work. Americans are always busy doing something, unlike Europeans, politicians, and Iraq elected officials, who seem to have endless bundles of free time.

The radio is the poor people’s last source of freedom. I say that because the internet can go down with the electrical grid. And Google can censure, as it has done, any thing not in line with the owner’s politics. Of course, having said that I realize if they wanted to cut off the radio they could. Instead they are trying to pass a “fairness act,” which is doublespeak for censure.

The radio has throughout history been a primary promoter of democracy. During the World Wars, Radio Free America and its American propaganda has played a big part in helping the rest of the world find freedom. It has helped take down many a communist’s country.

One of my favorite radio shows is Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, a man who is known to insist on the fact that, “There ARE no coincidences.”

Of course, he is not the first to entounced this belief. Socrates said the exact same phrase. And FDR, once said with great resonance: “In Politics, there ARE no coincidences.”

So, here’s a few nobody’s musings on the subject; “Coincidence?” Or not?


This might seem small, but today (Father’s Day) on PBS, I was putting on makeup (a real job for me) and there was the woman of the decade---Suze Orman giving a lecture. She was “empowering” a whole convention of women on how to ‘empower’ themselves. She wanted them to stand up and say their own name, and be PROUD of it! Stand UP! And say it with feeling! She talked about how women put themselves on sale, and Suze was going to teach them all how to put themselves first.

Now, this was a definite “women’s” course on how to live and survive on your own workshop. And if you just send Suze Orman $300, (Who is VERY proud of her name as is her mother.) she will basically do it all for you.

Not only will you learn how to say your name, but you will learn how to take over the world.

My point being: It was Father’s Day; not a day I would have picked to air this program.

But since there are more single mothers than families now in America: Was this a coincidence?

Mothers are now fathers, and Suze Orman will cash in on that fact, or her name is not Suze Orman.


And since it was Father’s Day--- my husband, my son, and I watched the U.S. Open on TV. (Which goes to show you just what is more important in my house…it was also my birthday. I would have rather played putt-putt-- the boys won out. Suze would have been appalled.)

Like my usual self, I was having trouble keeping quiet during the game. There were just too many blunders…Suze Orman could have done better on some of those bad shots. (And let’s not go into the hard course was a factor as an excuse.)

As you all may know, a guy named Cabrera from Argentina beat Tiger Woods by one stroke. And if you listened to the broadcast, a lot was said about Argentina, and how they wanted to get golf promoted in Argentina, and probably everywhere else where Spanish is spoken…and this U.S. open was VERY important.

Now…I’m what they call a “golf brat.” (A child of an obsessive golfer) The only time my father didn’t play golf is when there was more than four inches of snow on the ground. Four inches or less would melt, which meant…good golf day.

So having followed my father around on the golf course all my life, and he often hit 69 on many a day…I never once, EVER, saw my father make the horrible mistakes that Tiger made today. And my father was no Tiger Woods. In fact, I’ve never seen Tiger play that bad, although, it’s reported he has done so.

I became suspicious when the commentators kept mentioning, after every stroke that Tiger has never come from behind and won. Which is I believe, a bit absurd. Exactly what hole were they talking about…the first?

I’m not saying that Cabrera was not good. He was. It just looked like it was Tigers game to lose. The question is; can a man control his game to win by just one? Is Tiger that good?

How fortunate, when our whole Congress wants to force the merger of Mexico with us, with billions of corporate dollars on the line…what a great time for a Spanish guy to win.

The U.S. Open went to a guy who did not speak English and had never in his life won an open of any kind. In fact, the last four U.S. Opens were not won by Americans.

So where do I get this suspicious nature? I think I know.

My dad used to (work) take bets at the dog races in Bonita Springs in Florida. He said he just had to quit because of all the illegal bets placed, and the corruption. This was back in 1960’s. He also told me that many times the World Series was fixed.

So, of course, being as it was Father’s Day, I had to honor his wisdom and wonder…and drive my son and my husband crazy with words of corporate takeovers.

Was this win for the Latino’s a coincidence? All I know is ...Tiger was smiling at the end (even though I’m sure he missed his dad) and Furyk the man who came in third…looked like he wanted to hit something very solid with a nine iron.

Maybe Suze Orman was in the crowd talking to his wife.


So why was my dad so hooked on golf I wondered? I always thought it was because he served in the Pacific during WWII.

You watch men die in a war, you live through it. Life should be enjoyed.

After he died …I was going through my “ironing” phrase. I ironed everything because well…everyone wanted to look good. So I rented old historical video’s to watch while I did all this “ironing” and one in particular came to mind.

It was about WWII and the battles fought in the Pacific. And in the film they actually said that a fleet of American ships were sent north to intercept the Japanese fleet. The point that got me is that they admitted that the Admirals knew they were sending these men to their death, but the move was “necessary.” Of course, they didn’t tell the men that, I doubt if they would have went.

My father’s older brother was on one of those ships. Over one thousand men died in the battle. (I think it was the Battle of Samar) He never talked about him, his brother’s death.

Now, I know in war, generals and Presidents send men to their sure deaths, in order to save some other “necessary” move that only they know about. It’s war. It’s a sacrifice.

The decision to take over Iraq, in my opinion, was made even before President W. Bush came to office. I believe they have known ever since the end of the first Gulf War that sooner or later they had to do this. But, best not let the people know, because it’s the people that have to sacrifice. Best just to manipulate the time.

9/11 was just the incentive they needed. (Now, I’m NOT saying our government planned it…just that they might have let it happen.)

Let’s be reasonable. You can’t ignore evidence just because you don’t want to believe that “rulers” would resort to what they consider necessary sacrifices.

Most people know that FDR knew that the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming, and that he ordered men who wanted to move the airplanes…to keep them in formation.

FDR we all know wanted to get us in the war. Let’s face it…the American people never want to go to war. And why should we?

Despite what the “experts” say, that there are never any conspiracies, all the events and evidence pointing to the contrary leaves one wondering, “What are the odds of that?”

Like the decisions made to get rid of the Jews with a holocaust…we can’t imagine making those kinds of “necessary” decisions ourselves.

Like the “necessary” decisions to prosecute border patrol officers. Like the “necessary” decision to let Terri Schiavo starve to death. We now have the “necessary” decision to merge three countries.

But sacrificing soldiers is one thing. Sacrificing a nation to invasion is another.

What are the odds that our leaders for years have been putting out misinformation and controlling our reactions to events and guiding us through very carefully placed “messages?” What are the odds that WWII was “allowed” to be started and that even the reports of the upcoming attack of 9/11 by the FBI was stifled (which it was by Janet Reno) in order to get us all into war mode again?

Is the fact that there have been 40 million Mexicans here for years, and we are JUST now seeing them on our televisions a coincidence?

Or was FDR right: “In politics there are no coincidences.”

No wonder my dad played golf every day.

Is it a coincidence that I was thinking about all this stuff on Father’s Day?

Nope. It was just a daughter finally understanding Dad’s little lessons of life.

Which in itself, was a great birthday present. Thanks dad.



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