Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nobody Explains Feminism

Nobody’s Knows: Since there has been some confusion by some lately on MND just who or what a feminist is: I have put it upon my nobody consciousness of vast knowledge to try to explain what one is, since long ago, I wasn’t sure I was one. I never thought much about it, but I might have been one simply because the very first clue to recognize a feminist is:

She is in a constant state of confusion.

Real feminists are totally and irrefutable confused…about everything. You name it---politics, how to wear their hair, if war is good, whether they can carry guns but other people can’t, whether they REALLY hate men or not, and most importantly, just exactly how to go about getting a wife.

Notice the picture above. Do not these three women look confused? One couldn’t even figure out what color she wanted her hair to be. Can Rosie REALLY play timbale’s?

Rosie (the one in the middle) as we all know, is so totally confused, she only figured out she was a man after Tom Cruise decided that he wasn’t going to fall in love with her. Before her “wife,” Rosie was so in love with Tom (a MAN) that she would have paid at least four million dollars for just a kiss from his hot lips. She talked about Tom every time she got on her show. She said many times, she loved him.

Frankly, many of her viewers got sick of her talking about him, but that didn’t stop Rosie.

So when Tom went off and married Nicole Kidman instead of her, she got very confused, then very angry--- and she has been confused and angry ever since.

Rosie decided if she couldn’t have Tom, then she would never have any man, and to hurt him…she would show him…she could go off and get married too.

Not only THAT…but since she was so confused, she got her daytime talk show audience confused, and then she had to quit the show, because everyone was confused at Rosie being confused.

It really was an expensive confusing mess for everyone involved.

Rosie was a woman…and now, she is a man…or maybe not. It’s very confusing.

Then when Hillary Clinton saw her confusion, she knew just what to do. Hillary’s vast network of spreading communism is best filled with people who desperately need a cause, and can feel wanted and love. Rosie didn’t feel too loved after Tom went and got married…and confused people are easily manipulated.

Which explains why she has no clue about anything.

Above we see a picture of three feminists; Rosie O’Donnald, (In the middle) Cindi Lauper (In purple hair) and the biker looking girl on the end who seems to think that Rosie needs another microphone, which proves confusion on her part, whoever she is. As everyone knows;

Rosie never needs another mike.

Now: Compare the Rosie “feminist” fake drummer with this one: (See picture at bottom.)

This woman is NOT confused. She is going to work…she knows where her drums are, she knows she is not a man----for which she thanks God every day…she knows what color her hair is…she also knows that the creepy guitar player in the band that took this picture was very much interested in exchanging more than guitar and drum licks with her, so she put up her drumsticks in the “peace” sign to confuse HIM.

He might have become a feminist…in fact, he might be a she by now.

It’s all very confusing, but I hoped this helped out.

Nobody Cares: This is a picture of me, taken in a bar that the band I was in was booked at in Kansas City many years ago. It was called the “RED BULL LOUNGE.” It was actually the first band I was in...I was about nineteen, and as you can see…very proud of myself.

I should have been…I had to practice 12 hours a day just to become half as good as the guy I replaced.

Feminism was not a word then. But, girl drummers were very rare. So if I was a feminist, I certainly had no clue…which means that…

If... A. All Feminists are confused
B. Therefore anyone confused must be a feminist.
C. The whole world therefore is in deep trouble.

I’m certainly glad I got this all cleared up.



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