Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Sweetest Reward

Nobody Flashes: Everybody was talking today! Everybody was hyped!

Nobody could believe that the Senators actually voted down that ridiculous “amnesty” bill. The day just couldn’t have been better for all the “nobodies” out here in Middle Earth who after hearing the ugly toads, leaping lizards, and poisonous rattlesnake lies coming out of the Senate and our President lately, could hardly believe our ears!

If we could hold an award show…it would go something like this:

Lou Dobbs! Come on down! For your relentless and magnificent attacks: for all us nobodies who were so thankful to have a strong and logical voice screaming at our political idiots in Washington every night…NEVER letting up…all those weeks…and tonight, seeing you on Glenn Beck, when you looked at the camera and got emotional…still on the attack! Even I was dancing around in the kitchen. (I hardly ever dance around in the kitchen.)

You get The People’s Lion Reward. You absolutely roared. Don’t stop.

Glenn Beck! Come on down! Get YOUR reward for being just about the most creative, clear thinking, and most refreshing new intelligent man this side of the Milky Way! A man even the aliens would steal! (Be sure your alien’s abduction insurance is paid up.) Not to mention, I want to adopt you for an older brother.

You get The People’s Black Cougar Reward…Stealth and Cunning, sleek you are….and God sent you to us to report truth and clarity every day…you’re on a mission to save the planet, and you just might succeed…

But wait…the mission from GOD belongs to….

Rush Limbaugh! Come on down! Your courage, for standing up against the President… the leader of your party and your friend was stupefying to behold: to hold steadfast and stand with the American people against him was not easy, we know. Thank you for giving us all the optimism that we needed to have strength throughout this whole mess…strength that only a true leader can give. And it’s not the first time. Year after year, you tell us what the Congress is up to, and how to analyze it clearly.

You get The People’s President’s Award. The big Kahona! Because as they say, you run the country now. We salute you, once again.

Sean Hannity! Come on down! You…the man with the irreproachable burning passion…a warrior right up there on the front lines. Helping the soldiers, humble…as American as the Constitution itself. Thank you Sean Hannity, and give your mother a kiss for us.

You get The People’s Knight in Shining Armor Award. Keep the sword high.

Pat Buchanan! Come on down! For giving us all the statistics of why this was an invasion and the ending of our country as we know it. You educated us with facts, statistics, and nightly reminders of what would happen if this went through. You were one of the first one to point out the end scenario.

You get The People’s General Award.because, well, you act, and think and look like one. Thanks Pat.

Phyllis Schlafly! Come on down! You have, without much fanfare, devoted your entire life to the American dream, its people, and what’s fair. Your must have sent hundreds of e-mails every single day, working hard, you and your staff to help us alert our Congressmen, to place the calls. You are always there, behind the lines…supplying the troops with ammunition.

You get The People’s EAGLE Award…because well, that’s your site, (Eagle Forum) and it seems fitting because you have soared for us all so many times. God bless.

I’m running out of room…

Tom Tancredo: For being almost alone on the alarm…going against the Senate. Getting on every talk show you could and talking about nothing else…

You get The People’s Phoenix Award…because you’re the only senator rising out of the ashes right now.

Ann Coulter: For continuing to write and attack, and tell the truth. For your insights, your clarity, and you’re unending bravely under the line of fire you get---

The People’s Founders Award…because you protect their ideas with such brilliance. John Adams would be proud.

Michael Savage: For your vast knowledge of everything under the sun, and your unending sense of what’s right, and what’s wrong, and your outstanding and undeniable patriotism and love for our country, and its people.

You get The People’s Truth Award. May you guard it always.


And now for the last award…the lights go dim…and the American people stand.

All of us. All the nobodies who wrote their senators, congressmen...blogged their opinions. All the journalist who keep writing, crying out against the insanity of it all…

All the people who called their radio stations, and stood up against the oligarchy…

We just won a small victory in the upcoming war against our nation.

If we can remember…that our Constitution says: “We The People, in Order to form a more Perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

If we can remember that, and hold those that rule us to that promise…

Don’t let them forget it.

Then that is what will be--- our sweetest reward.



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