Monday, June 25, 2007

The Whoop Has A View

Nobody Flashes; Just when you thought that it was safe to turn on your television set, when you thought it was safe to discuss whether or not men should at least get a fair hearing in the courthouses: when you thought that the universe had finally stopped expanding; just when you thought that The View would go back to normal with Rosie O'Donnell retiring to her children and trips to Disney world...THINK AGAIN!

Whoopi Goldberg (affectionatly named after the cushion) it is rumored will be joining The VIEW ...the daytime program that nobody who is anybody ever watches---and because nobody is watching it, the only way it can get attention is by putting on a loud-mouth feminist/ex-bricklayer/ex-makeup artist for dead bodies/ ex-heroin addict/ ex-three time married but never been missed for any opportunity to say what she thinks about George W. Bush---

THE WHOOP. (As she likes to be called)

This nobody predicts that Whoopi will make Rosie look like an ex-flatulent cushion from the dark ages, being as she is just as full of hot air, but a lot funnier.

Her missing eyebrows alone make for entertainment.

And since Whoopi has her own production company...very appropriately called; One Ho Production...this nobody also thinks that One Ho will multiply so rapidly, that it will soon be a regular brothel of nightly reportings from the One Ho who can keep us all from talking about immigration, which is very much the game plan right now.

God Bless America. (For only here can one wear a tee-shirt that tells you what you are looking at, and you don't have to apologize.)

Also; If anyone can tell me who the "Honored" woman on the left is? Enquiring minds might never want to know, but I do.



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