Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The American Originals

Nobody Flashes: There is nothing like an American original: The original American Marilyn Monroe, the original American Thomas Edison Light Bulb: the original American Bill Gates's Microsoft: the original American landing on the Moon: The very original American movies; The original American railroads: The original Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty. The Original Wright Brothers....the American Music...

The original American invention of the car.

The original Atom bomb. And the original McDonalds. (and on and on and on)

All this American ingenuity grew because a govenment that started on this day...July 4th...(actually 2nd) in 1776, gave the exact freedom that was needed to plant the seeds of growth.

The world needs to stop and thank the American originals, instead of hating us all...don't you think?

Because there has never been anything ever written like the original American Declaration of Independence, and thank goodness for the world for that.

Happy Birthday to us all.



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