Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 47

Nobody’s Absurdities:

Truth is an unseen quality that emanates from the masculine principle. A lie is the lack of truth in the absence of manliness.” ET..I mean EG.

So, does this mean that this motorcycle does not exist?

I’m so glad EG said that, and not someone like Gandhi. Truth is now sexual, and lies are now feminine, which means if guys…lie, they are gay?

Could you be just a little more clear on this?

Being nebulous is always a good way to get out of absurd statements.

I certainly would like to get back to being myself again...BUT....

If I don’t say at least SOMETHING about EG’s last personal attack on me, than EG will, like the jihads over in Iraq, think that I’ve conceded the points he made, and that he is right about women never having an original thought in their lives: Hedy Lamarr is basically being a whore with no brain according to him, and Joyanna Williams (see Nobody Cares) is so pathetically starving for attention…that she just knew, by answering his silly hypothesized point (that no one woman ever in the world ever thought up a “conceptual’ invention)…that she would get plenty of attention, thereby trying to prove her own “superiority.”

Yes, if you disagree with Elder George, you want attention. Watch out, Elder George is now a practicing psychiatrist.

Elder George, you are a real pip. You ask for “one woman,” as proof, and I gave you one.

Trust me George…if anyone is superior here on this earth, it’s not you or me.

Frankly, I’d rather be writing about more important things…like the fact that Hillary Clinton plans to, when elected, supply the whole continent of Africa with new schools for all the kids, and her husband is giving away cows and farms all over the world, at OUR expense, thereby destroying the Ozone with cow flatulent, so that Al Gore can make money. No kidding…no one is reporting this absurdity.

To me, that’s my part in stopping this Marxist/feminist takeover of the world.


And yet, even if I was not enlightened by EG’s “poetry,” some good came out of the arguments. Mike LaSalle, was brilliant and educated us all on logic and principles: amfortas was the usual enumerating professor of life: Kate M supplied some pretty good stuff, and I really enjoyed Artfldgr’s comments. Thank you sir for all that you wrote on the subject…boy do I know where you are coming from, having been there myself.

And all the other writers put in their two cents…all were cordial, except for Mr. 666.

If you want to know the frustrations of an inventor…read Artfldgr’s poignant comments. Being an inventor is getting harder, with globalization. (Oh, that must be a woman’s fault.)

The feminists movement was started (big time anyway) by Marxists of the university’s in the 1960’s and women were forced back into the work force. This whole “movement” was planned (Rockefeller has admitted it.) to get women back into the work force …and some women just had to go back to work just to feed themselves, because of all the divorces. Not all of them got rich divorce settlements. What a mess the “sexual revolution” bought.

Of course men built the world. Of course more men get patents than women. I never said they didn’t. Of course some women are evil, and so are some men.

If you haven’t learned that by now, you never will.

But to say that no woman on earth could ever conceive an idea is, sorry-- pretty stupid.

Here is a fact: Almost all inventions are built on the ideas that came before them. Very few “men” (feel better?) wake up and say, “Oh…I think I’ll make an MRI today.” …right out of the clear blue sky.

EG cannot help that he never invented anything…conceptual. It’s hard to understand when you don’t know the real process of inventing. Artfldgr did an excellent job trying to explain it.

Tell me. If you wanted to find out about “inventing” would you believe a man who thinks up philosophical theories, or would you ask actual inventors? (My patents have ONLY my name on them.) Would you ask a doctor to take out your spleen--- or a mechanic?

I presented inventor’s educational opinions as evidence, EG presented…himself.

EG…I don’t know where you get your credentials on this.

Did you know that a man named Meucci developed the telephone, and was unable to develop it because he didn’t have the $250 application fee? Bell, developed his “invention” in the same lab that Meucci’s prototype was kept, in other words, he copied it. And THEN, a man named Grey actually filed before Bell, but Bell got his to the right people FIRST and was given the patent. So he ripped off two men. Therefore..


Of course, people can sometimes reasonably differ on the obviousness of a piece of evidence cited in an argument, or they can blind themselves to the truth and can even refuse to listen to rational argument at all. The best intellectual reasoning can fail completely to overrule strongly opposed passions.” …Tom Morris, PhD. Philosophy for Dummies.

And to end this, I thought that scottkirk said something that was a very good point;

I think E.G. and a few others are simply counter-attacking after 40 years of vile feminists demagoguery that has thrown America into Chaos.”

You know what Scott? I think you’re right.
And the whole thing was fun…

But one more thing...

Nobody’s Cares: There is only ONE thing that truly amazed me about EG’s “truth.” He was obviously SO upset about my mentioning that I got my proclivity for writing from my ancestry, that somehow he looked up my “maiden” name…and he didn’t even get that right. He just had to go and get all PMSie and he thinks, proved me a “fraud.” He even threw in a nasty comment from an e-mail he got.

Yes, once again EG...you got it wrong.

I was born Joyce Ann Williams. My father, Dale Williams was German/Polish/ Prussian…but it was on my mother’s side that I get the Adams’ gene.

Which means in EG's world, it’s not valid.

My mother’s father…George Hart's mother was related to the Adams. …(see picture of George, with picture of John Quincy Adams here…you must scroll down to the bottom of the page, look for A CALL TO ARMS...and compare.)

The top one is George Hart (my grandfather)...the bottom is John Quincy Adams taken when he was about 80.

All the men on my mother's side look like that..bald, short, stubby..even my mother looked like a female version of John Adams, poor thing. Good thing I look like my English grandmother, Anna.

It was my first entry on my "blog."

George’s mother was Francis Adams, (descendant of the founding Adams) and his father was Orion Hart.

In fact, going back farther to the beginning of the country, the Harts and Adams were all over Braintree…they often married…Harts and Adams.

The Harts and Adams alone probably alone filled up half the country, before the revolution even started.

The Harts and Adams came over on the same boat as Thomas Hooker. (Founder of CT) They went to live in Braintree, named after Braintree of Wales. The Harts helped the Hookers found the little schoolhouse that later became Harvard. Hartford was named after John Hart…

I even have a land deed from 1763 that my grandfather gave me....when King George was still ruling America…John Hart selling his land to the son of Thomas Hooker. (It’s pretty cool)

It's in Old English..and is real proof of how far our educational system has come. (that's a joke.)

John Hart (Orion’s ancestor) had a farm on ford of the river, and everyone use to say, when giving directions; “Just go down to Hart’s ford.”…which morphed into Hartford.

Our family has done a genealogical research, it’s really fun to read. One guy got killed by a mule. One guy had a rock fall on him. If you have never done one, you should, they are really funny.

Anyway, when I was a musician, I went under the name Joy Fushia, because when you are a public figure, you do not want to use your real name to protect yourself from nuts, and family reasons. People can't look you up in the phone book.

I thought, in honor of my ancestors, and because I am mostly interested about politics, I would make up a name…much like Mark Twain made up his name. So Joy (short for Joyce) …Anna, (after my dear grandmother) and Adams…

So, Elder George. Why you went looking for “information” on me is beyond me. I thought it was rather...hateful. After all, I didn’t go looking for your last name…surely your first name is not Elder. And I respect your privacy. It's the decent thing to do when in public.

And if you go looking to find out the name that I sign my checks by, or the name that is my married name, I hope that you will have the decency to not reveal this information, because I have a son, and a husband, whom I do not want hurt by anything that I might say now, or in the future.

I’d advise you against it. It’s a matter of my privacy.

In any case…I’m a mutt just like all the rest of America. I got my eyes from my grandma, my musical ability from my dad, my “inventor’s” proclivities from my dad, and my mind from my mother.

My brother on the other hand, is an alein.

And my horrible addicting habit of collecting books, loving to write, loving justice, truth and honesty in all men, and loving the subjects of politics, I got from the Adams. Oh, they also had a habit of having men think they were conceited.

Which you obviously think I am because you wouldn't have gotten so upset.

As far as thinking that George-- trust me, you couldn't be farther from the truth. You have NO idea.

Anything else that upsets you about me can be blamed on “unseen” spiritual truths of which I have no control.

So, what do you think? I bet you any money a woman thought up that motorcycle and a man just put it together.

I want one.



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