Wednesday, July 18, 2007

They Should Have Worn Pajamas

Nobody Cares: This about sums it up.

It is now 1.36 a.m. and Senator Olympia Snowe, a Republican from Maine is reading about 400 pages of gobblegook on Iraq and why we should not be over there. She is so boring; I’m debating if her necklace was bought in the Bahamas’, Dubai, or Miami Beach.

I’m wondering if she dies her hair black like Elvis did.

I’m thinking she could use some botox.

This could be bad. I could have nightmares. What if I dream about her tonight? Oh God.

The Senate once again has outdone itself: for coming up with the most idiotic way to use it’s time since the last time they approved of raising their own salaries, which by the way, seems to happen once a month. Yes, they have brought in mattresses to show us all how tough it is going to be to stay up all night and bash the war.

One wonders who is paying for these mattresses...or what hotel donated them?

More importantly, who is really sleeping on them? C-span camera men?

Olympia is proof that the United State Senate does not discriminate. She has been allowed to join the Republican Party even though she would be a libelous liability to her local PTA. Just about anyone is allowed to run for office, and most anyone who can read can get in.

You got to hand it to them. Politicians almost never do anything unless they can be sure everyone in the United States is asleep.

If anyone else is watching this pajama party of elite Senators tonight besides me…forget I was here.



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