Friday, March 21, 2008

Can A Poor Man Fit Through the Eye of a Needle?

Nobody’s Opinion:

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”---Matthew xix.24.

It’s Good Friday, 2008, and not too far away from me people are scattering in trucks and cars with all their worldly possessions---trying to get away from yet another great Missouri flood.

More rain is expected.

A reporter on the local news yesterday said that he watched an old grandmother crying, kneeling on the ground…trying to give mouth to mouth to her obviously dead dog who did not survive her daughter’s run through the flooded road, dragging behind her a trailer-full of now deceased pets. (Horses, cats, chickens)

It broke his heart.

So, where was Richard Branson?

I mention Richard Branson because, as everyone knows, Richard Branson is very rich. He started out forming Virgin Records, and then started Virgin Airlines. He is now building Virgin Galactic, a space station in the New Mexican desert, along with Microsoft’s Paul Allen.

Obviously, Richard can’t get enough virgins.

And last weekend he threw a party on one of his many beautiful islands to “Stop the fire.”

Is there a fire? Well, no matter. Best get started on all those new “green” products along with “carbon-credits” to guard it off.

At this “party” was Larry Page of Google, Jay Wales of Wikipedia, Tony Blair, (now advisor to JP Morgan) Paul Allen of Microsoft, and quite a few beautiful models in bikinis just for fun. Richard wanted them to be nude, but the Prime Minister was there, he said.

Go ahead Richard---blame Tony. Everyone else does.

Google will help put out the propangda that there is a fire. Whole pages of Wikipedia must now be made “green.”

Now---I’ll be the first one to admit, that even though I could be a wee bit envious of Richard Branson, I myself wish that I had done all those marvelous things.

Capitalism is a great thing---until the few really rich start getting together to form monopolies, buy elections, and take control of the market in order to rule everyone’s lives while using their concentrated power and collusion to form ever more power and wealth.

And creating all these new “green” monster products is the next best thing to inventing carbon-based green bikinis made out of edible green coconuts.

I guess somebody has to do it.

Yes, Richard Branson, the man who doesn’t want to set the earth on ‘fire,’ is already producing ethanol big time here in the United States---the only other form of energy that spews more pollution into the air is a Bill Clinton speech.

So much for his “concern.”

But, if you want to see real power--- if you had any doubts at all who controls the halls of Congress, all you had to do was tune into the House Committee on Oversight and Investigations on C-Span last weekend, where our Congressmen faced the CEOs of all the companies of the subprime mortgage boom. Sitting at the table like tanned PGA Buddha Gods, were Richard Parsons and Charles Prince III of Citigroup, Angelo R. Muzilo of Countrywide Financial, and other financial ‘wizards’ of global industries.

Every single one of these guys got huge multi-million dollar bonuses while their companies and stock holders lost homes, fortunes, and island vacations.

The Congressmen were in such awe of these titans of business, one of them even acknowledged how honored he was to be in the company of the “men who run our country.” He quickly realized his mistake and tried to spin out of it, but slipped on his own salivating tongue.

It was a pretty obsequious, sycophantic show.

There were a few democrats who questions their ridiculous salaries, but the Titians of the banks did the same old, “I did not know what was really going on until it was too late” routine, while they sat in their chairs and watched the Congressmen quiver.

The grand plan here is plain; unify together, monopolized, control the world governments, control the media, create a big problem, and come in with the solution.

The earth is on fire! Give us your money, and we will fix it. In the meantime, you can all drown, and your little dog too. The less of you the better. We are here to save the beautiful earth so we can have more beautiful island parties, and next time, we’ll have nudes.

Frankly, I really don’t think any of the rich men I’ve seen lately care if they go to heaven. They’re already in it.

So, while the rich are planning a green global crucifixion, the rest of us riding the camels are trying to fit through that tiny hole.

I suggest taking all clothes off and using some good ol’ Mississippi mud for lubricant.

This Easter, I’m telling Jesus the poor might need a bigger needle.

Joyanna Adams is a lost soul who writes for nobodies and sometimes just for fun.
She lives in Missouri. You can reach her at



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