Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pit Bull Justice

Nobody’s Perfect: It seems making it to the big leagues as a professional football player is not enough for this man. Michail Vick of the Atlanta Falcons has been accused of running quite a lucrative business on his property in Virginia, staging pit bull fights.

Torturing pit bulls, according to most liberals, is not considered a hate crime here. Notice, you don’t hear any of the liberals on TV making much of a case about this. They were too busy protecting Janet Jackson’s right to nipple, and Snoop Dog’s right to “hoe.”
They have been working hard behind the scenes to save Snoop Dog from his recent downfall by giving him his own TV reality series.

Something Bill Clinton hasn’t thought of yet---give him time.

The right to protect yourself by training vicious dogs to attack is the right of every black person in the United States, and I’m sure Jesse Jackson would agree.

I ought to know, I live in probably the pit bull capitol of the world next to D.C.

No, it seems to be hip-hop cool. Training and staging pit bull fights is actually a new way to make a lot of quick money with no state and federal taxes taken out. And holding illegal gambling operations where the winning tickets cannot be taxed…well, stupid is as stupid does, as Forest Gump would say.

You cannot hide big money from the government. They will find you. Just ask Willie Nelson.

To be fair…the man says he was just too generous to his relatives who ran the “Bad Newz Kennels.” Something tells me there are a lot of his relatives moaning about their choice of company names.

I guess he just attended the “fights.” Maybe brought the beer.

This comes at an interesting coincidence in my life, because my next door neighbor, who is single, divorced, and a “feminazis” in the true Rush Limbaugh sense of the word, just bought herself a pit bull.

I was walking my little dog around the block when I ran into her. (She hates me.)

“Oh...a new puppy! How cute! Can I pet her?”

“NO….NO! It’s well, she’s just got trained, and she is really scared of people…she is really a wimp…but…DON’T TOUCH HER!”

Hmmmmmm…my nobody mind says…okay, what’s up with this? She already has a nice little beagle.

Well…I haven’t seen the “boys” around lately.

The “boys” I am talking about are the black boys that her two very tall, white, basketball playing, high school daughters were dating. In fact, they hung out with the “boys” for over two years.

Now they have white boyfriends, and my neighbor has bought a pit bull, that is already trained. Let me also say, that she has a Ph.D. (paid by her x-husband of course) in business.

Either way my imagination may run…something tells me her choice in dogs was a “need” that she felt she must have.

Actually, she is probably more scared of a neighbor who hangs an American Flag every day on the front lawn, (me) then she is of the Muslims on the corner who have moved, but still mow their lawn, and I will never know who just exactly she fears at the moment.

But getting back to this…degenerate…

Any man that would do this to dogs…then hang, drown, shoot, electrocute, and just plain body slam the losing dogs just for the sheer fun of it, would as far as I can see, do the same to a human being.

Watch--- he will claim some doctor put him on too many steroids and that caused him to go into this business…and he will get little time, or none.

I say, we get all 56 of his “trained” pit bulls into a room with him, and let them have some real payback. Skip the trial.

I don’t care if he is just killing dogs… it’s about time some of these sports gods with too much attention get what's coming to them.

And maybe it’s time the American people stop going to see the “teams” that these guys are on. Boycott them. Boycott all the bad boys.

That’s the only way they will straighten up. Because as we saw in O.J. Simpson trail, the game must go on.

And it will, if we let it.



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