Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wind Pot Bike

Nobody Flashes: In response to the urgent need to find a way to get off our dependence on oil, Al Gore’s list of global warming scientists put their many overused brain cells together and once again, came up with an answer to save the planet.

Gore’s Wind Pot Bike.

Due to the latest in emissions technology, the scientists figure, if the world would convert to this, by the year 3012 we will be free of all humans on the earth, because the stench alone will kill us all, thereby saving the politicians from having to worry about how to save the ozone.

The Wind Pot Bike comes in a rainbow of colors, including pink.

See your local Honda Dealer. Ford is trying to come up with one, but due to having to pay medical bills and pensions of former union employees they are not expected to have these new wonders out until, after Harry Potter Dies, or Bill and Hillary go away forever.

Whichever comes last.

Google has already ordered fifty with camera’s attached, in order to get close-ups for YouTube.

For information, contact your local dealership, if you can find one.



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