Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monktified, 24/7

Nobody’s Opinion: If you are a conservative, and have trouble finding television series to watch at night…one written well, with good acting, timing, clever stories…and no nude scenes thrown in when you least expect it…I’m sorry to tell you, there is more bad news.

The elections have got the big boys that own the stations putting in politics, and pretending, much like the JFK assassination, that what you are seeing is not political.

Right---And Oswald killed JFK with one bullet.

I’m talking about the news released today that a woman President is going to appear on the very conservative blockbuster...24.

What’s wrong with these people? Didn’t that idea already flunk out with Geena Davis? Do they think if they put a woman President who is much more conservative than Hillary on a TV show that people will want to watch the show?

How is Rush Limbaugh, who is a big fan of the show, going to explain this one?

The chairman of the program swears it’s just cool…not politics. After all, they’ve had two black Presidents, now they want a woman.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the ideas of a black or woman President. I’m against the vast propaganda machine that wants to “brainwash” whole populations into accepting who the big and powerful elites have decided to be their next President.

This by all estimates is Billary.

I’m also getting tired of seeing really pretty women, dressed up in designer bell bottom jeans, running around in high heels, and leading the forces of vast departments of burly men as police chiefs. (Sorry guys.)

Girls that are so tiny and petite, they couldn’t lift a good sized poodle, let alone a shotgun.

There is only so many times you can watch some woman beat up five men at once, before you start saying, “Oh, right.” She weights what…102 pounds?...and she just beat up a 350 pound gorilla with one kick?

Really, how many times have we seen this? So many, we think it’s normal. So many that hundreds of teenage girls are posting themselves fighting on Youtub.

The only time I believed that a woman could actually compete with a man in the movies was when Sigourney Weaver, in the second Aliens, when she came out with that huge machine, faced that ugly mother, egg-laying Alien, and said in one of the classic lines in movie history;

Get away from her you b----ch!”

Yep. I believed that scene. I could see that. She had brains. Not much muscle, but smart.

And on almost every sitcom you see a woman or a black, always, being cast as the boss.

As if to say that a white man can no longer have the job, they’ve just held it too long.

Women and blacks will now take over, thank you very much.

It’s all so fashionable and politically correct, in such sweet Marxist way, don’t you think?

Mitt Romney would agree. He said today when commenting about Hillary’s economic views: “That’s out with Adam Smith and in with Karl Marx.”

He pointed out the fact that Hillary has never run anything but Bill Clinton’s clean-ups.

Okay, I said that. He said she had not run a business.

Hillary, let’s face it, without Bill Clinton, could not run and win. That’s why she will be seen with him up until Election Day.

I’m not going to watch 24 anymore. I wish they’d just put Hillary on it, and let her play the President, instead of handing her the real job with their weekly stories.

And if that news wasn’t bad enough for this conservative, another one of my favorite shows, Monk, last week took on the sole mission of saving Snoop Dog’s career. The whole episode last week was written solely for the purpose of polishing up the rap music stars and making them look really “cool” again.

The cast did everything but kiss Snoop-Dog’s diamond studded fingers.

The message was: It doesn’t matter what these rappers say in their music. Whether they suggest killing cops, or people, or doing drugs, or having orgies, or hating whitey…it’s their culture, man. And it’s their right to make a lot of money promoting garbage. Be cool!

What made it even worse is that the show was still good, despite the horrible message.

Now, 24 is put on by Fox. Rupert Murdoch seems to be for Hillary, along with Steven Spielberg. The Bush family also seems to be for Hillary.

It’s getting hard to tell the “cons” from the progressives. They all wear masks now.

And if the “24” woman President is made to be conservative, then it will be even more dangerous for the country, because many conservatives will vote for Hillary after getting use to the sitcon, getting reality mixed up with fantasy.

While the rest of us are trying desperately to bring back the solid principles on which the country was based.

We are getting frustrated by the constant bombardment of “political correct” messages in the entertainment industry.

I can see through it. But how many nobodies can not?

Next week, Monk goes to a nudist camp. Somehow, Monk will be made to look like a “nerd” because he will be embarrassed. The message will be Americans are much too Puritan about sex and morals.

Why don’t they just go ahead and give us a nude Woman President, and make Monk gay? You know, get it over with?

Instead of our leaders being picked from the best man or woman for the job, we are left with not much more than actors, who are no more suited to lead America than the writers of television sit-cons.

You watch. The first 24 woman President will be like an Ann Coulter on steroids.

If Ann Coulter was only running against Hillary, our sitcoms would be more believable.

But, that will probably not happen in my lifetime. The big boys who run the world would never allow it.

Ann is not an actress, what you see is what you get. But with Hillary…it’s what we don’t know about what we are going to get that makes real life all that much scarier.

We will become a nation of monktified citizens, with 24 hour updates, from our woman President who will take this country into her megalomaniac Marxist utopia.

And I guaranteed you this… it will be on every channel.

Told ya it was bad news.



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