Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good News for Dads, You Have a New Warrior

Nobody Flashes: There was a time, when my life was very busy...when life was good and Reagan was President, and I first heard the name "Phyllis Schlafly."

She, according to all media outlets, was trying to destroy the whole woman's movement.

She, was the devil incarnate.

Well, who was I to argue? I didn't know a damn thing.

But then...sometime in life, reality hits you, and you realize that sometimes the people who have been vilified, did not deserve it.

And this lady certainly deserved none of it. I am an ardent fan, and am forever in her debt for standing up to the feminists long before anyone else knew what they were really up to.

And, since I know all the men are VERY busy on this site, I happened to run into one of her latest columns, where she stands up for men's right to their children in divorce.

If you haven't seen this piece, then read it here...and enjoy the fresh air and truth of Phyllis Schlafly, and thank God she is on your side. Because this little woman is one hell of a warrior.



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