Monday, July 23, 2007

You Can Scream Now

Nobody’s Opinion: Yes, the You/tube, first historical Presidentcial debate happened last night.

Presented as a blatant Democratic advertisement for U.N. peacekeepers, slave reparations, gay marriage, get out of Iraq, up the minimum wage, invent environmental jobs to save the planet, sue big corporations, get rid of testing the schools and teachers, give welfare to support all illegal aliens, takeover Africa, and promote women---it gave us all a reason to let out a few good screams tonight.

At least that’s what I did.

The first pip came when Anderson Cooper said that many videos were sent in to You/tube, and 3,000 with the best questions were picked from the American people.

Well, who picked these…Howard Dean?

The video about gun control was especially repulsive. They had a really degenerate looking guy pick up an Ozie rifle about the size of a small asteroid.

Really. Gun control did not have to be talked about after that image.

The videos were as much a well prepared propaganda presentation as the candidates, promoting the democratic agenda and dirty digs on the President.

All of the videos looked rehearsed and planted…sent in and carefully choreographed by the Democratic committee. Any fool could see that.

Well, it helps when You/tube is controlled and operated by flaming liberals…they will be using this great machine of cheap propaganda to the end.

What a scream.

Oh, I mean, progressives not liberals. Sorry.

Hillary was giving a question about the meaning of “liberal.” She prefers the “communist” word. Except…not many know that the word “progressive” has been used by all great communists leaders.

She knows you are all stupid.

The reason she gives for why we should vote for her? Why…to inspire little children all over the world, of course.

Sorry Hillary…J.K. Rowlings already has that filled.

Wasn’t it interesting how all the people in the videos looked really stupid, thereby making all of the candidates looking very smart in comparison?

Yes, it was obvious; some of them had a hard time even reading their questions.

Who won?

Well, Obama was set up to imitate a young JFK. He is going on the “vote for change, that’s me.” He sounds much more intelligent and eloquent in his “speeches” than Hillary, even if they are about the same in policy.

Hillary, was like Mao in drag…despite the rather evident face surgery (Even one eye was still showing the “cut”) that actually did make her look younger. She is having trouble shaking her “I am superior to every human being who ever walked the earth,” face…and it was surprising at the end of the debate when they had a question to her about how we might be tired of the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

Scream! Wait…scream again!

CNN just dealt the lady who never gets any serious questions a big blow! Which she managed to bubble her way out of.

Hillary is a lot like bubbles. Her answers are all full of air that floats, then just bursts, leaving no residue on your brain. In fact, you often go…huh? All her talk is mainly bubbles. She never says anything except she stands on her experience, which comes down to living in the White House and not baking cookies.

Chris Dodd had the best video of the night in which he compared himself to a white rabbit. Grace Slick would be proud. He also wants mandatory citizen service to the world.

Scream! ---I’m not ready to go to Cuba.

Dennis Kucinich, who was put on the end like an exclamation point, seems to have the best wife, who will no doubt according to him, stop the war and talk the world to peace.

He gets a chuckle.

Joe Biden made sure we all knew his wife and child died and that’s why his kids went to public school because they were raised by their aunt, getting the sympathy vote.

Joe had all the best-one liners of the night. “Tell the truth,” he says.

He gets a laugh.

John Edwards wants to sue just about every corporation known to man, including his own hairdresser, on behalf of the American people. This will no doubt go into his bank account. He also, unlike the rest of the gang who believe in gay marriage…doesn’t...
BUT his wife does!

Well, gee…!

And John says that clef palets should be operated on before the age of fifty.

John would NOT say anything against Hillary, even when asked to. He is still trying for VP.

No one could figure out how to pull out of Iraq…but we should. And everyone agreed women should be made to sign up for military service, like the men.

I let out a big scream on this one. Actually, it was more like a snort. Nothing like putting men and women in close quarters to get the United States to pay for more welfare for moms.

Most of my big screams though went to Mike Gravel… who they tried to blast with a “video” from the public about how he said all soldiers died in vain in Vietnam.

Get out of that one Mike. Mike was getting mad at being ignored.

He blasted with “Every candidate up there was connected to Wall Street banks.”

Something tells me I was not the only one laughing and screaming at this remark.

Something tells me that Mike Gravel will somehow be on the Madame’s list tomorrow as being a cross dresser.

One thing for sure, if we get a democratic President from any of these bubble heads, we will all be screaming…from unprecedented national pain.



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